Khamis, 28 Oktober 2010

Allah will

Salam alay’k

Guys how did u do today? Before I end up my day here (at my own faculty!! UiTM di hatiKUUUU) I hope diz is d good day. D happiest day (even in d morning I felt not good when d lab was still locked…huhu) but sumthing Allah want to tease us whether we’re patient, Redha and grateful. Wif Inallah ha maasobirin, I let’s my mind rest first, jotted wat going to happen during experiment. Ok, I did a mistake (mistake repeated unforgiving) but I notice it before things going further because Allah show me, I believe dat capability of someone to finish master on time is not her/his decision but Allah will. I remember during undergraduate, one of my beloved lecturer said to us. There are challenges during ur journey to obtain PHD (((..wink2…dream to be a doctor last time…Dr. Arbanah Muhammad…amin))), some of them divorce, and some of them have financial problems, lost all the data from the start to the end at the day they suppose to submit their thesis. I thought it is during PHD, but I experience during my master also. Can u imagine that when u’re at home be “penanam anggur”, ur neighbor asking ur parents “Did kak r got a job offer?”. Abah once utter to me “Tulah..amik ngat chemical engineering baik amik cikgu” when I’m hoping to have a job offer. Even the last time he did ask me “nanti keje kilang ker jurutera kimia nie?” he even hopes I work at PETRONAS (prestigious Malaysia oil and Gas Company). A lot of things to explain those things here about chemical engineering. but the things is, Allah let me be here, because Allah know my capabilities, my i'm going to build good Muslim in every ENgineer in Malaysia. But things going well, if u did discuss things to ur click. I’m happy dat’s I got an idea how to solve my problems. How? It is easy, by asking. During discussing, the idea… nice U’re to me…AlHAMDULILLAH. Actually something good happen to me….pray for my successes. If I got it, I’m confirmCONFIRM to be a lecturer at PAHANG…Ya Allah…please guide me,,,,,

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